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Based on Blockchain technology for various industries to assist enterprises in achieving 4th Industrial Renovation.

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We have 10 Years of Experience

ASHISUTO specialize in the business transformation through enterprise IT solutions to assist enterprises for improving operation efficiency and revenue.  The solutions is to manage documents and the respective workflow or process flow in the digital way, an unleashing the full potential of hardware investment.  

ASHISUTO is based in the heart of the South East Asia – Malaysia. The location make it easy access to the market with 650 million population and combined GDP of US$2.8 trillion. The strategic location allows easy access to the rest of the world with the mindset of local present but global reach.


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Digitalization Solutions

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  • Digitalization Method/
  • Customer's Benefit

Digitalization of hardcopy/PDF documents without changing original form outlook usually is a challenge but assist-Smart solution is able to meet the needs.

Data entry into digitalized form templates are managed in a database system automatically. Unlike PDF form which managed in PDF file basis without a database system.

We help customer to digitalize hardcopy/PDF form template based on 3 steps below:

  1. Import hardcopy/PDF form template into our Workflow Manager
  2. Enabled fields use for data entry based on our Workflow Manager (data entered are store automatically into database system)
  3. Setup the workflow or process flow based on digitalized forms as per customer original workflow

Problem Statement : Data not able to enter directly into database froms either hardcopy or PDF form templates

Solution : assist-Smart is able to enabled data entry (as in RED) through our Workflow Manager. Data entered will be automatically

  • Lower investment cost up to 50% compare to solutions offers by big players, especially affordable for small and medium enterprise (SMEs)
  • Short implementation turn-around time
  • Customers only pay for desire features to ensure 100% utilization
  • Customers are affordable to build their Big Data through the relational database system
  • Digitalization has no impact to existing ISO certified workflow / process flow
  • Our solution follows customers’ form format rather than customer follow us
  • Customer decide location of database management, either manage in a local server or cloud

Our Success Story

Industrial Smart Vending Machine – Accelerate Industrial Transformation 4.0

  • Concept/
  • Achievement/
  • Technology

  • Just-in-Time Supply Chain
  • Lean supply chain management
  • Improvement of stock management efficiency
  • Real time monitoring of stock usage at anytime and anywhere
  • Secured & trusted data handling
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain technology
assist – MES

Connected Manufacturing

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  • Features

assist-MES is a fully digitalized Manufacturing Execution System (MES) developed by ASHISUTO.  It’s a customizable system supports manufacturing sector that required real time traceability of Work Orders or product under manufacturing, quality monitoring, raw material and warehouse management and others.

In a common phenomena, enterprises are over paid for a system they acquired versus features needed.  The highly scalable assist-MES is able to tailor made a system that suite to the needs.  This advantage helps customer to reduce waste of investment.

  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Any sectors related to manufacturing
  • Scheduling
  • Work order management
  • Shop floor data acquisition
  • Real time traceability
  • Reporting & statistic
  • Electronic job traveller
  • Material management
  • Work instruction

Note : The solutions is scalable to custom features to accommodate to the customers’ need

Web Design Services

ASHISUTO also provides web design services beside providing enterprise IT solutions. You can find out past web design services job here.

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