DocKITA® - Process Workflow Digitalization

Digitize Current and Future Data

DocKITA® service is focused on digitizing paper or excel forms and checklists to use on-site or the production shop-floor. The solution leverages original forms and checklists digitizing them into User Interface or data entry page.
Problem statement faced by customers

Standard ERP & MES systems are unable to digitalize shop-floor paper forms, checklists & lack extended custom data traceability and data visualization features.

Shop-floor Solutions

Digitalize paper, pdfs and excel formatted forms into a form database to enable data traceability and data visualization.

How Process Workflow Digitalization Works


Hard copy forms are digitized while retaining their original format and alignment using our proprietary Workflow Manager Software and know-how.


Digitalized forms become fully functional as user interface on any internet browser and accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


All data entered into the form is captured and stored in online or on-premise database systems ready to be analyzed in real time.

Our Process Workflow Digitalization focuses on the business operation / site / production shop-floor to capture real time data and realize data traceability and visualization 
Data Traceability

Help organizations

maintain and improve

data quality and integrity.

Data Visualization

Custom dashboards that meaningfully interpret data.

Cost Savings
from digitization

Customized Solution

in action

Our digitalization solution provides you with the most flexibility and our technology is adapted to help you retain all of your existing document management workflows.

Signature Workflow

A digital application built on your existing forms and checklist. Easily manage and assign required signatories with multi-level approval features. Sign on-the-go from anywhere and anytime.

Affordable Pricing 

Let our consultants advise you


· Create 1 Form

· 2 users per Form

· Up to 10 pages

· Signature Workflow


· Create up to 5 Forms

· 5 users per Form

· Up to 30 pages

· Signature Workflow


· Create up to 15 Forms

· 10 users per Form

· Up to 50 pages

· Signature Workflow


Fully customized to meet your specific needs

Our SaaS Solution will be available in the Second Half of 2024

Stay Tuned!

Our SaaS Solution will be available in the Second Half of 2024

Stay Tuned!

Digitize Form Templates

Digitizing & retaining existing paper / Excel / PDF forms template into a digital system.  This transition streamlines data collection and retrieval processes, reducing paperwork, minimizing errors and facilitating faster access to information for improved efficiency.

Digitalize Process Flow

All forms templates & workflow are managed in relational database systems efficiently, to support complex queries, leading to streamlined management, faster decision-making, and enhanced insights.

Zero Familiarization Time

Zero familiarization time means users can start using our system without prior training. This drastically reduces onboarding time, while ensuring high levels of user adoption.

Relational Database System

Relational database systems organize data efficiently and support complex queries, leading to streamlined management, faster decision-making, and enhanced insights.

Analytics Dashboard

Enable data visualization after consolidating all data from physical and digital storage. Visualize data meaningfully with custom made dashboards and AI prediction systems.

3rd Party Databases

Integrate with Third Party Databases

Seamlessly integrate our solution with external Third Party Databases to leverage on IoT connectivity and secure your data with blockchain and embedded system solutions.

IoT Connectivity

Connects to IoT devices to support IoT systems and digital process workflows.

Highly Customizable

Our highly customizable solutions is designed to solve your specific pain points.

Zero Coding Required

Our SaaS solution offers zero code approach for our customer to build their own applications without any prior coding experience.

What makes DocKITA® different?

Take advantage of all of our features designed to assist you in transforming your manual and paper-based processes.










Business Problems That we Solve

Problems persist after ERP implementation

The usage of standard ERP systems do not resolve original problems that exist on the shop-floor because the majority of ERP systems are not designed to be used as shop-floor solutions. Thus, problems on the shop-floor remain unattended by standard ERP systems.

Manual process workflows

Workflows dependent on paper mediums causes poor and tedious record retentions and retrievals. Workflow is disrupted without the approval of superiors in real-time. Combined with the inability to easily determine the real-time status of active and pending tasks.

New system adoption

The introduction of a new digitalized workflow creates downtime as it requires employees to become familiarized with the new digitalized process workflow. Additionally, they are prone to a period of high semantic or human errors due to unfamiliarity with the new system resulting in disruptions and delays during implementation.

Data scattered in multiple places

Retrieval of past records can be especially tedious without a standardized medium and storage location which consolidates data across physical and digital storage spaces. This prevents disorganized and time consuming data retrieval processes which can delay data analysis leading to a loss of important insights and revenue.

Multiple tools used for data recording

Using MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, hardcopy forms for data recording concurrently and storing them in different locations results in difficulty with data retention, retrieval and analysis.

Expensive custom process workflows

Customizing existing ERP systems to meet the your unique process workflow can become costly. Process workflows such as the Continuous Improvement or Kaizen activities often incur custom charges by ERP vendors.

Why DocKITA®?

A flexible solution to resolve your pain points

Highly customizable features adapt to resolve customer specific needs and unique pain points.

Custom digitized signature workflow for multi-level approval

Fully eliminate paper from the entire workflow and built according to customer's requirements with multi-level signature approval features ensuring smooth and transparent process flows.

Zero end-user adoption time

Retain original form templates as the User Interface (data entry page) to shorten end user adoption time to the new digitized system. Drastically reducing familiarization and minimizing the need for additional training.

Data visualization and traceability

All records and data retention are visualized through a dashboard with reporting pages that helps to analyze and trace data in real-time.

A cost effective custom solution

Cost effectiveness achieved by retaining original form templates as the User Interface (data entry page). Quickly deployed, without the need for programming knowledge. The system allows easy updates to support Continuous Improvement and Kanban Processes.

Data & Communication

Functions as a single platform that can be integrated to handle the entire company's systems. Thus, work efficiency can be significantly improved.

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