Business Operation & Manufacturing

Leverage on Japanese

Monotsukuri (物作り)


Operational efficiency is vital, but when success means embracing economic diversification. Our solutions are aligned with Industry 4.0 and ESG pillars, empowering businesses to thrive across diverse sectors while promoting sustainable growth
Problem statement faced by customers

Balancing operational efficiency with economic diversification poses a significant challenge for businesses. The need to optimize processes while adapting to diverse demands complicates strategic planning and resource allocation.

Harnessing Japanese Monotsukuri

Innovative expertise in manufacturing to address manufacturing challenges.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Cost Effective Solution

Major Solutions Include:

Advance Planning & Scheduling (APS):

APS is an integrated supply planning solution that covers the entire production planning area by integrating the functions of conventional production planning systems.

Consists of total 4 modules:

1. Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Plan the production schedule and quantity

2. Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Plan equipment and human capacity required for manufacturing

3. Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS)

Plan the production sequence of products and


4. Material Requirements Planning (MPR)

Plan the amount of necessary material and parts

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS):

CMMS flexibly copes with various tasks related to asset maintenance.

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